How does Santa travel all over the world in one night?

 How does Santa travel ALL over the world and deliver ALL those toys, to ALL those girls and boys, ALL in one night? The secret to that mystery is simple: He stops time with his “Magic Time Tinker” He calls it the Time Tinker because it lets him tinker with time! At the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve Santa turns the arrow to “Stop” and then he pushes the red button and… TIME STOPS!

Then he can travel all over the world in no time at all, BECAUSE THERE IS NO TIME! And when his deliveries are done and he has returned to the North Pole, he turns the arrow to “Start” and pushes the green button. Then time starts once again. And it all happens in the twinkling of an eye, while you are asleep in your little bed. It’s REAL CHRISTMAS MAGIC!

Santa’s Magic Time Tinker will make a wonderful addition to your Santa home visits, and event appearances. The large size, bright colors, and simple, bold design allow the prop to be easily seen from a distance.

I’m a working professional Santa Claus who gets out there in the trenches every season performing in real world situations. The limited number of items I make and sell are things I have conceived, designed, and fabricated for use in my own Santa work.

Using a prop like this as a visual aid along with a story will greatly enhance your group presentations by increasing engagement and lengthening attention spans. A group presentation at the beginning of your Santa appearance serves a very important function. It gives children who might be a bit unsure about Santa some time to experience him at a safe distance and as a part of a larger group. They will see other children responding positively to Santa and realize Santa isn’t such a scary guy after all. This “warm up” time will help reduce the possibility of some children becoming upset when it’s their turn to visit with Santa individually. Seeing the other children confirm Santa is okay is much more empowering to the child than hearing a grown-up say he’s okay (as they force the child into Santa’s arms!)

This prop is not a mass produced item. Each one is handmade by me personally and I will stand by my work should you ever have a problem


Santa's Magic Time Tinker


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