Santa is available for parades & Events


Santa must be larger than life!

It takes a special skill set to perform as Santa in a parade, especially a televised parade with a live interview. A Santa Claus actor must be able to project the character to huge numbers of people from a great distance. This requires experience and knowledge of theatrical movement and pantomime in order to bring the character to life for very large crowds.


Santa must be able to handle media opportunities


Creative Services

Who better than Santa Claus, "the man himself" to represent your event to the public? Santa is a skilled and experienced public speaker. Everyone loves Santa! And when Santa speaks, people listen! Santa will work with your organization to understand your public relations goals and messages. He can assist in script writing as well agenda planning for your media opportunities.


Available Year Round

Santa understands that some media opportunities make take place many weeks or even months in advance of your event. He is available to book for media appearances year round if needed.


The Ultimate Spokesperson

Think about it:  Santa Claus is a universally recognized and beloved character. You can take advantage of that goodwill for the benefit of your event or cause. Of course to do this you must have a professional Santa Claus actor with the skill set and experience to pull it off.  You need an actor with the ability to induce the willing suspension of disbelief and cause your audience to believe in Santa Claus!