About Santa

Who is behind Storybook Santa Claus?

Chris Capstone is a full-time, professional family and children's entertainer with over 38 years of experience. He performs as CAPSTONE The Magician, ZINGO The Clown, and of course Santa Claus. He brings his decades of experience as an entertainer to the task of portraying the jolly old elf. His background in children's theater and his skills as a professional magician, clown and puppeteer enable Capstone to create a truly magical Santa Claus experience for your event or family gathering.

When you book a Santa appearance by "Storybook Santa Claus" you will experience a theatrical portrayal of Santa Claus by a professional actor and entertainer who understands how to create a magical character. You might even find yourself believing in Santa Claus!

In addition to portraying Santa Claus during the Christmas season, Chris is also involved in the worldwide "Professional Santa Community." He is an active member of several Santa Claus actor groups including and he is the founder and administrator of the Santa's Prop Shop group. Santa's Prop Shop is a private Facebook group of over 1500 Santa Claus actors and other Christmas performers from across the United States and around the world. Chris started the group because he believed fellow performers needed a way share information and resources about the design, fabrication and use of props in Santa Claus performance.

Chris also designs and fabricates props, puppets and other items for family entertainers. His products have sold in magic shops worldwide. He lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he is the official Santa Claus for many events including the annual Utica Square Lights-On, Tulsa Riverparks River-Lights, Tulsa City-County Library system, and many other public and private holiday events. He and his wife Cathy have four grown children...all of them still believe in Santa Claus. 

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Book Early!

The holiday season is very short, only about 30 days from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Many dates are books months and even years in advance. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and needs.