Santa Claus will visit your home

Look who's at the door!

Just imagine the surprise on their little faces when the children in your home see Santa walking in the door!  Santa wears a custom wool suit, real hair whiskers, real leather boots and belt with a solid brass belt buckle that weighs a pound! 

The children will experience the "real" Santa. He'll amaze them with Christmas magic as he shows them his "magic time tinker" that stops time, his "magic way finder" that sends him on his route around the world, and other secrets to great mysteries of Santa Claus and Christmas!

A Magicial Storytime with Santa

Magic, Singing, Puppetry & Surprises

In addition to storytelling with magical props, your Santa visit will also include singing fun Christmas songs that everyone will know, as well as a couple of funny "North Pole versions" of songs that both children and adults will find amusing. Santa will even share a charming puppetry presentation, Teddy The Teddy Bear.

Capture Your Memory with Photos & Video

And of course there'll be plenty of opportunities for video and photos., Since this visit is a nice list check-up, Santa will make sure all the children are on the nice list with his "magic naughty & nice meter." 

Treasured Childhood Keepsakes

The children will be encouraged to continue to be good and Santa will reward  each child with a personalized Nice List Certificate and Medal!

What our clients are saying

"Best Santa"

“Best Santa experience for my kids. It was the first time my two year old wasn't afraid and can't stop talking about meeting Santa. All the photos turned out so great, love it!”  

Laisne S

"Magicial Experience"

“It was a wonderful, magical experience for my daughter. Thank you so much for making this so special. I am so thankful I did this! She is still talking about what a great time she had with Santa.”

April G.

"Highly Recommend"

“What an awesome experience for the grandkids and us as spectators. Such nice people and Santa was fabulous… would highly recommend…will definitely do again. “

Debbie L.

"Still Talking About Santa"

My granddaughter is still talking about Santa and will not let go of her medal and certificate. Thank you so much for making it a great experience for all.”

Renee D.

"We Will Treasure Forever"

"Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us every year! You truly have a gift! And it's one we will treasure forever!!"

Helen K.


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Your information is private and secure

Storybook Santa Claus

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