Magically send or receive items from The North Pole!

 This is a fun and magical way for Santa to magically produce or vanish any small item at a home visit or event. I have used it with great success in my own Santa work to magically “receive” all kinds of items from the North Pole including mini candy canes, nice list medals, stickers, nice coins and even a cookie for my snack! I have also used it to magically “send” some children’s wish lists and notes to the North Pole.

Children love to help Santa make the magic happen by swiping the button to receive or send something to or from the North Pole. I tell them “When you swipe the button whatever from the North Pole turns into millions of tiny invisible particles that go whizzing through the air. They go right through the magic snowflake on the teleporter and reconstitute inside the box. Let’s see if the magic worked?” Then I open the box to reveal whatever was “sent” down from HQ at the NP!

The interior dimensions are 3.75 inches long X 2.25 inches wide X 1.125 inches deep so you can use anything that will fit within those dimensions. It holds tons of stickers or nice coins. I can get a dozen mini candy canes in it as well, but I mostly use it for a surprise situation I set up at my home visits.

I give every child at my home visits a certificate and a medal for being on the nice list. But I pretend to be one short one of the medals. Then I say "Don't worry I can have one sent down from the North Pole by magic with my North Pole teleporter." I show it empty, let a child swipe the “Receive” button and the additional medal we needed magically appears inside the box! This is a really effective presentation because it creates genuine tension when the adults in the room begin to worry that Santa has forgotten the last child's medal. But then that tension is broken and a great relief and surprise is created when the medal appears magically inside the teleporter. The room always erupts in spontaneous applause. There's nothing better than creating real life drama and tension and then resolving that to everyone's great happiness and relief. The home visit photo in this post is a shot of the reaction this evokes. I’ve also used it a few times to send a child’s letter to the North Pole so I could “have the elves file it to be read later.” This will work as long as you can fold the letter or note up small enough to fit inside the drawer.

Using a prop like this as a visual aid along with a story will greatly enhance your group presentations by increasing engagement and lengthening attention spans. A group presentation at the beginning of your Santa appearance serves a very important function. It gives children who might be a bit unsure about Santa some time to experience him at a safe distance and as a part of a larger group. They will see other children responding positively to Santa and realize Santa isn’t such a scary guy after all. This “warm up” time will help reduce the possibility of some children becoming upset when it’s their turn to visit with Santa individually. Seeing the other children confirm Santa is okay is much more empowering to the child than hearing a grown-up say he’s okay (as they force the child into Santa’s arms!)

These North Pole Teleporter props are hand made by myself. I’m not a big Santa supply store. I’m a working professional Santa Claus who gets out there in the trenches every season performing in real world situations. The limited number of items I make and sell are things I have conceived, designed, and fabricated for use in my own Santa work. My props and the scripts used with them are the result of many seasons of testing and refining during all types of Santa work. Take your Santa work to the next level and invest in a Santa’s North Pole Teleporter today.


Santa's Magic Teleporter


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