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Sourcing and planning for a Santa Claus experience requires several questions to be answered: Where to find a great looking, experienced Santa? Where to find a big Santa chair? What about a background and prop decor? A photographer who is good with children? A costumed Santa helper? What would be a nice gift item for Santa to give to the children?

It's not uncommon to deal with multiple vendors. And it's still up to you to pull it all together and it run smoothly on the day of the event. It's a big job, even for a professional planner.

 Join our group of satisfied repeat customers and let us take care of all the details for you. You and your guests will be thrilled with the results!

Turnkey corporate event Santa package

Our turnkey package includes:

1. A complete Santa photo set as shown in the photo.

2. "Santa's Magical Storytime" a 10 minute group presentation which includes magic, storytelling with props, singing and puppetry.

3. A personalized Nice List Certificate & Medal for each child. (see below)

4. An experienced Santa helper.

5. Your guests may take their own photos with their phones or cameras.


Create a magical experience for your guests


Audience Participation


Magic, Singing & Puppetry

Our certificates and medals are perfect keepsakes


Our certificates and medals are perfect keepsakes for your young guests!

Event planners want something unique  for Santa to give to the children. You also want the children to have a memorable experience when they see Santa. Nice List Medals and Certificates are the answer!

They're a perfect alternative to candy or a novelty toy that ends up lost or tossed. Nice List Medals and Certificates will be kept forever as treasured childhood keepsakes.

The certificates are printed on extra thick, acid free card stock with a custom gold foil embossed seal from Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. The child's name and the year will be hand written in calligraphy by Santa himself! The high quality linen card stock, hand calligraphy and gold embossed seal will ensure the certificates are kept as keepsakes.


Medal front

The medals really are  "magic" because they help children remember to be good. The back of the medal says “Hang this magic medal on your doorknob at bedtime. It will help you remember to be good. Your Friend, Santa." Santa always reads the back when he puts the medal around the child’s neck.


Medal Back

The last thing Santa asks is “Do you remember where to hang your medal tonight at bedtime?” And they answer “On my doorknob!” Santa says “That’s right! It’s magic, because it will help you remember to be good!" That's the kind of magic parents can really believe!